Personal Coaching

Every professional has a coach, whether in sport or industry. Take your performance to the next level by working 1-on-1 with our professional coaching team.

Physiological Performance Assessments

Taking the guess work out of training. Our assessment protocols are unique and will truly identify your current limitations. Our in-depth review and handout will ensure that you walk away with the advice you need to take your performance and training to the next level!

Bike Fit

Creating the happy marriage of rider and machine, our experienced bike fitters will assess your current riding ability, biomechanical irregularities and performace goals and find the best position for YOU on your chosen stead!! No 2 fits are the same, and we don’t use any calculators!!!! Just you and your bike, and the knowledge to get it right – gaurenteed!

Hydration and Body Composition Assessments

The perfect starting place for any athlete or person wanting to better their lifestyle or peformance. Our state of the art BioElectrical Impedence device takes all the guess work out of setting some benchmarks. We can even find out how hydrated (or more often dehydrated) you are! With a simple review and take-away information, you are ready to take the next step on your journey.