Balance Point Assessments

Why do we measure?

  • Objectively measures your strengths and weaknesses
  • Helps to set intensities and goals for each training cycle
  • Assesses improvement over time
  • Helps athletes learn to observe biomarkers; including heart rate, cadence and breathing rate, as well as performance indicators; power, pace or speed

What does it involve?

Each assessment is conducted as a ‘step test’ – meaning that we have you perform at a required level for a set length of time (normally 3-4 minutes), and then we increase the workload, and so on. During each step we take a raft of physiological parameters to see how you respond to each workload, and devise your current limitations that will be worked on in training!!

This is NOT a MAX test!!!! You work until you are exerting yourself on a perceived level – everything is controlled by the athlete!

Perimeter Coaching Assessments

Searches for the WEAKEST LINK in your physiology;

  • Cardiac SystemFitmate 4
  • Respiratory System
  • Central Nervous System
  • Muscular System

Your training ZONES are set based on your response of EACH independent system!!

Traditional testing searches for the “ MAXIMAL PERFORMANCE” of that athlete

  • VO2 max
  • Max Heart Rate
  • Max. Wattage/Speed

and then training zones are calculated based on the percentages of the Maximal Values! We know that your body is NOT an algorythm, so why set training zones using those values??