Bike Fit

What is a bike Fit?  

A bike fitting is the art and science of successfully joining a rider and a bicycle to achieve a comfortable, efficient, powerful, and safe union of human and machine.

What’s the point?  

Frankly, we want you to enjoy cycling as much as you possibly can.  Many Cyclists have fallen head of heels in love with our sport without the benefit of properly fitted equipment or instruction we find common in other sports like golf, tennis, and skiing.  Cycling involves a unique interaction of rider and equipment; the bike should feel like an extension of our body. Because cycling is a learned skill, we may not always choose the best position, just like we might not naturally grip a golf club properly, or carve a ski turn without being taught how to do it. Perimeter Coaching has the equipment and training to help you get started the right way, or to improve upon your current fit.